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GasTech's separation units are engineered in a wide variety of configurations to meet your specific production needs and requirements for volume, gravity, pressure, foaming, paraffin, hydrates, impurities, corrosion, and other production parameters. We design and manufacture either standard or custom separation units with equal quality and reliability. All GasTech's separation units are provided with sufficient instrumentation and control devices necessary to ensure safe and continuous operation.

Types of Separation Units Include:

Separation Technologies Employed Include:

Our Horizontal Separators are designed to effectively separate the full range of gas/oil ratios, low-to-high, well streams containing large volume of gas, liquids, and foam, through either two phase or three phase separation.

Our Vertical Separators are designed to separate and scrub high gas / oil ratio well streams containing salt, paraffin, or waxy elements. Here the upward gas velocity is balanced with the liquid drop settling rate scrubbing the liquid from the gas. Liquids are further separated from the gas by wire mesh or vane mist extractors.

Separation Parameters:

Separator, Gas-Liquid
» Vane Mex
99.9% / 10 Micron
» Coalescing Medium
10 ppm (dependent on viscosity and density)
» Dry Scrubber
0.1 Gal/MMSCF 100% / 8 Micron
Line Separator
» Vane Mex
100% / 10 Micron